Learn anything

I’m curious by nature and like trying new things.  Here are my tips for learning something new….

You will suck, nobody cares and neither should you.

Don’t read a book, don’t find a course, don’t search for a teacher…just start…anyway you can.

Don’t try measure if you’re improving, just try find something you like…one sound, one trick, one move, one technique, one feeling, one idea…build on that.

Give it a chance…do it 20 times at least before you give up!

Attention trumps time

You’ve probably heard it said that time is our scarcest resource.  I’m not so sure.

Time is certainly valuable if you’re using it to pay attention to something or someone you care about.  Less so if your attention is on things of little value or fragmented by distractions like social media.

I suspect the quality of your attention determines the value of your time.